Sometimes it may be difficult for people with small breasts or little fat to wear. In this case, it's easy to find the right location if you lie down comfortably and change the location of the product, and once it's worn, it's fixed so you can wear it from now on without any problems. (If your chest circumference is very small or you don't have too much fat, make sure to wear it before purchasing! Please consult with the customer center through telephone consultation before purchasing.

To avoid possible problems depending on your constitution if you use the low frequency function for too long, the product is set to stop operating after an hour of use on the system. Don't be embarrassed and if you want to continue using it, turn it on and use it again.(If you used low frequency for an hour, we recommend you to take a break for more than 20 minutes before using it again. You can use the sound pressure continuously.)

The sound generated when the product is operated is the sound of the sound pressure motor inside the controller sucking the air in the cup. During initial operation, the motor takes turns making sounds to meet the set sound pressure level, but stops when the set sound pressure is set. When the sound pressure drops from time to time, the motor operates to adjust the sound pressure and makes sound, but it usually stops during use. (The sound generated during product operation is about 45db.)