Put me in one's true heart

Vitals, which expand and multiply the tissues in the chest with soft physical force based on human bio-rhythms, are breast implants that use pads, corrective underwear, prostheses, and breast implants that find the real me hidden in other parts of the body.

Prevention of Trouble

It is made of natural silicone that touches the chest to prevent skin trouble. You can feel comfortable using flexible materials.


The compact size makes it easy to wear a skinny body. It weighs 380g and is light, so it's easy to wear for a long time.


Vital bra breast massage device is a chest massage device that helps to relax the lumped chest by using both VACCUM and TENS massage at the same time and helps improve chest volume and elasticity.

A lot of times, people don't know what they want until you show it to them.


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Miho Biztech's genuine Vital Bras breast massage,
which has obtained patent rights and certificates of compliance with KC electromagnetic waves, is the genuine product of Miho Biztech Co., Ltd., which has obtained patent rights for multi-functional breast implants (No. 10-1653355) and obtained KC electromagnetic compatibility certificates (R-R-mhb-VITAL1) and is being exported to Japan, China and Vietnam.


The flexible and soft material makes you feel comfortable.


It's 380g light, so it's not too much to wear for a long time

natural silicon

Natural silicone is used to prevent skin problems that may occur on soft skin.


The compact size makes it easy to wear a skinny body.


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  • Distribution

    It is a company that is actively promoting export and domestic distribution..

  • Customization

    I study products tailored exclusively for the chest as if I'm choosing good underwear. .

  • Brand

    capable of revealing one's own charm Brilliant brand created for women.

  • Certified

    VACUUM PRESSURE Validated by US FDA Patent application for dual silicon safety net combining function with TENS low frequency function .

  • Solution

    Stress on Breast Dwarfness with Miho Biztek's products to solve financial burden and other solutions